Module 27: Revisit Javascript and Work on Shopping Cart

1. Shopping Cart Increase Case Count

Module 26: Functional Website

1. Common Function to Reduce Code Repetitions & Use It

Module 25: Simple Bank Transaction

1. Tailwind Review text-align text-color, Login Form, Input Field, Password text-field, Submit

Module 23: Event, addEventListener & Event Bubble

1. What is an Event, different types of events on the web

Module 23: How Javascript Works & DOM

1. What is Javascript? Create Script Tag & Connect External Script File

Module 22.5: Basic Javascript Bonus Module

1. Understand Recursion Is Nothing But A Simple For Loop

Module 21: More JS Coding Problems

1. Remove Duplicate Items From an Array

For of Loop

Module 20: Javascript Simple Coding Probelms

1. Math & Random Number

Math abs()



Module 19: Apply Javascript Concepts

1. var vs let vs const




Module 18: Core Concepts (Functions and Objects)

1. Declare a Function, Call Function

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An AI Engineer and Data Analyst

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